Yogeshwar Tablet


Yogeshwar – Excellent medicine for improving body mass & weight, improves body muscles. This is very useful tonic for Body Builders, Athletes, Boxers, Judo Players. It produces bloodin body very fast and gives you stamina and energy for long lasting workout. Totally natural ingredients and steroid free.
Key Ingredients – Kutantak Bhasama, Yasad Bhasama, Sip Bhasama, Bang Bhasama, Louh Bhasama, Abhrak Bhasama, Swaran Bang Bhasama, Salam Panja, Salam Mishri, Safed Chandan , Samudra Sokh, Lajwanti Exct., Safed Musli Exct. Sambhal Musli Exct., Shatavar Exct., Taal Makhana, Bahuphali Exct., Ashwagandha Exct., Bahman Laal, Bahman Safed., Vanshlochan, Shqaqul, Salam Gatta, Vidari Kand Exct., Etc.
Indications– Excellent For Body Builders, Boxers, Athletes, & Other Players.
Dosage- 2 Tablet Morning & 2 Capsules Evening With Lukewarm Milk
Packing Size – 60 Tablet Pack
Price – Rs- 560/


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