Sharanga Capsules


Sharanga is a excellent medicine for cardiovascular problems. It removes blockage from arteries and saves you from heart attack and surgeries. It helps regulate bad cholesterol in the blood and prevents plaque formation in heart arteries. It clears toxins from your system and strengthens heart muscles. It also reduces any inflammation and controls angina pain.
Key Ingrediesnts- Gold Bhasam, Rajat Bhasam, Bang Bhasam, Abhrak Bhasam, Moonga Pishti, Akik Pishti, Sangeyasav Pishti, Harar Exct., Bach Exct., Rasna Exct., Pipal, Sunthi Exct.,
Kachur Exct. Arjun Chaal Exct., Pokhar Mool Exct.
Indications – Removes blockage in arteries, Gives you relief from Angina pain, Purify the
blood & detoxify organs, Keeps your heart healthy and saves you from heart attack.
Dosage – 2 Capsules Morning And 2 Capsules Night After Meals With Lukewarm Water
After Meals Or As Directed By The Physician.
Packing Size – 120 Capsules Pack
30 Capsules Pack
Price – Rs – 3060/- ( 120 Capsules)


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