Nirvati is a very excellent medicine for bad constipation and indigestion. It is made from natural extracts that have capacity to purge your system of toxins. This also has laxative properties that induce peristaltic movements that making evacuation of bowls pain free. It improves digestion, increases appetite and reduces gas formation and discomfort.
Key Ingredients – Julaba Harad, Sunthi Exct., Nishodh Exct., Koud Tumba exct., Sanay
Exct., Danti Mool Exct. Suhaga Bhasam.
Indications- Bad Constipation, Indigestion, Gas Etc.
Dosage- 2 Capsules Night With Lukewarm Water Or As Directed By The Physician.
Avoidance – Do Not Consume Milk Within One Hour Of Taking This Medicine.


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