Madhumeh Har


Madhumeh Har capsules is very excellent medicine for solving complications from diabetes. Over the time diabetes affects vision, strength in limbs and leads to skin disorders and weight problems. Use Madhumeh Har to control the onset of diabetes – related problems. Madhumeh Har capsules strengthens immunity, boosts your
brain and nervous system and restore your health. It also helps to produce insulin in your body very fast and cures your diabetes very fast.
Key Ingredients – Gurmaar Exct., Methi Exct., Karela Exct., Chirayta Exct., Shilajit Exct., Saptarangi Exct., Jamun Exct., Vijyasaar Exct., Daru Haldi, Manjishtha Exct., Guduchi Exct., Elua Exct., Paneer Dodi Exct., Kali Jeeri Exct., Imli Seeds Exct., Louh Bhasama, Abhrak Bhasama, Tribang Bhasama and many more precious herbs and bhasamas.
Indications – Diabetes.
Dosage – 2 Capsules Morning & 2 Capsules Evening With water before meals Or As Directed
By The Physician.

Avoidance– Avoid Sugar, Cold Drinks, Excess Sweets Etc
Packing Size – 60 Capsules Pack.
Price– Rs- 240/-


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