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Sharanga Capsules

Sharanga is a excellent medicine for cardiovascular problems

Yogeshwar Tablet

useful tonic for
Body Builders, Athletes, Boxers, Judo Players.


very useful in increasing sperm count, male fertility, premature ejaculation, timing,

Asht Nirvaat

Asht Nirvaat The
Complete Solution For Joint Pain


Bangeswar Helps
to Grow Body.Gain Weight & Height

Madhumeh Har

Madhumeh Har excellent medicine for solving complications from diabetes.

Nari Rasayan

Nari Rasayan
Regulates Female system in natural way

Vaatdard Nashak

Vaatdard Nashak
The Complete Solution For Joint Pain

Customers Reviews

I am using Yogeshwar's Vajra Gold, Shukravardhini & Bangeshwar medicine for the treatment for Low Sperm Count & Erectile Dysfunction in my patients. The result is excellent.
Dr. Naresh Kumar Dhuri
Dr. Naresh Kumar Dhuri
Yogeshwar's medicines like Nari Rasayan, Madhumeh Har and Vaatdard Nashak are extremely good. I am using these for my patients. Very fine results
Dr. Geetanjali Birua New Delhi
I am using Yogeshwar's medicines and supplements in my clinic. Quality is extremely good. Results are very good. Dr. Deepansh Ratan Barnala.
Dr. Deepansh Ratan Barnala.
We are using Yogeshwar's medicines and supplements in our Hospital in Greater Kailash and Munirka in New Delhi. These medicines are of very high quality and gud results.
Dr Subhash Gupta
Dr. Subhash Gupta New Delhi.
Bangeshwar is an ultimate tonic by Yogeshwar's. My family and friends ate using this product. This is really a power pack of energy.
Hitendra Agarwal C.A., Gandhidham (Gujarat)
योगेश्वर आयुर एवम धर्मार्थ ट्रस्ट द्वारा डेंगू बीमारी के चलते बांटी जाने वाली दवाई मरीज़ों पर चमत्कारी रूप से काम करती है। जोकि 2 या 3 दिन में ठीक भी हो जाते हैं।
अरिहंत गर्ग, जर्नलिस्ट.
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